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Monday, October 26, 2009

Featherwinds, Going Green

During the last few years there has been a heighted awareness regarding our environment. Featherwinds has been “going green” since the original Featherwinds Bed and Breakfast was built in 1991.

We have been planting trees and flowers that are indigenous to our area and require less water than some of the usual landscape items. We still grow and plant annuals and perennials to enhance the beauty of Featherwinds, but are very conscious of the type plants we grow.

Featherwinds also uses solar powered, fluorescent and low voltage lighting to light our walkways and parking areas. Using these types of lights helps reduce the amount of electricity we use and the lights last longer cutting down on the amount of waste. We have also started using LED decorative lighting for the same reasons; they use less electricity and last longer.

The swimming pool at our original Bed and Breakfast is solar heated. Because of the amount of propane or electricity required to heat our pool, we have been using solar panels for many years. Using the solar heated water requires no extra power use and heats the pool very efficiently during the mid to late summer months.

We have hot tubs at one of our B & Bs, our log cabin and at our two lodges (rental homes). For cleanliness we change the water in each hot tub after guests have completed their stay. But the water does not go to waste.  We don’t empty the hot tub water just anywhere. We “recycle” the water by using it to water the lawns at each build where the hot tubs are at. This saves a considerable amount of water usage in keeping our lawns green.

Featherwinds has been helping “feed” the environment for years! Our many apple and cherry trees at our B & Bs produce a lot of fruit that we happily share with the many species of birds and animals in our area. The deer, for one, are welcome to enjoy (and seem to often) apples from the our trees.

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