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Friday, November 17, 2006

Featherwinds Lodging, The Deer

Featherwinds Lodging, the Deer

The staff at Featherwinds and our guests has had the amazing privilege to watch a white-spotted, skinny, long legged, big-eared creature grow into a graceful, magnificent deer.

This year a doe and her fawn came in the early mornings and late evenings to graze in our open fields, nibble away our inpatients and top off our tomato plants. During the fall, they have enjoyed a tasty treat eating the apples off our trees.

It has been a special treat for many of our guests, several who have never seen a deer in the wild. Our guests from all over the world have been able to sit and watch the beautiful doe and her fawn.

Always on alert, but never showing a care, the doe and her baby, made their home here at Featherwinds. At times, they would step cautiously, but mostly the deer went about their breakfast and evening dessert, knowing they had found a safe haven here at Featherwinds.

As the fawn grew, her shaky legs more sturdy, she would often play tag with our 5-month-old kitten. Seeing the fawn interact with the kitten was sure to bring a smile, if not a chuckle from all who watched.

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