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Monday, January 02, 2006

Comments, Featherwinds, Leavenworth Lodging

We have started this thread because of many requests we have received. You can post comments regarding your stay at Featherwinds. We welcome your thoughts and feelings. Comments will be posted after they have been reviewed for content of language, and appropriate links if included. The first few comments are from our guest books and were posted by Featherwinds Staff.

Thank you.



Mark said...

Our children sent us here as a gift... We enjoyed the wonderful breakfasts and fantastic late night desserts.. The memory will always be with us.

Mark & Marianne

Marilyn said...

Thanks for making this a wonderful weedend... Gracious hospitality was appreciated and the memorable wedding.

Roger & Marilyn

Mary said...

We always enjoy the Lighting Festival in Leavenworth. We shop, taste a few wines and enjoy watching the people milling around the stores and around town. Featherwinds provides us with a home away from home. Your hospitality is always appreciated. You have a lovely facility, conversation is always enjoyable and the foods are over the top!

Mary & Todd

Dennis said...

Nice!! 5 star all the way! The feather beds are awesome, the food out of this world, and the company was so friendly. Your place is so warm, cozy, friendly, and relaxing. We felt we "entered as strangers" and left "as friends".

Dennis and Jean

Janice said...

Thank you so much for a warm friendly weekend. You answered the door with a smile and made us feel like long lost friends. The rooms were incredible, relaxing, comfortable, decor was delightful, and wall to wall carpet was so homey.

Janice and Terry