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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Wedding Memory

The day was sunny and warm with a slight cooling summer breeze from the west. The white wedding arbor was adorned with beautiful hanging baskets filled with spring and summer colors. The bordering garden displayed their beautiful flowers featuring colors of every sort; reds, whites, yellows, blues, and purples. Lavender and monarda plants inter-mixed the gardens, providing a bitter sweet lavender fragrance throughout the wedding area. This is truly a picturesque display of Leavenworth weddings.
The gorgeous bride appeared, beaming a smile from ear to ear with joyful tears welding up in her eyes. The groom, dressed handsomely in a traditional black tuxedo; smiling, admiring his wife to be as she approached the wedding alter.
The wedding service was not long and with the air filled with love and joy, the bride and groom promising their devotion forever more. The feelings of love, joy and happiness lifted everyone’s heart as the couple was pronounced husband and wife. Cheers of joy and a few amends could be heard as the newly wed couple walked down the aisle on a carpet of lush, full green grass.The celebration continued as the guests and happy couple spoke loudly with voices full of joy and jubilation. Toasts where made in honor of the newly weds; some ending in laughter and others ending in joyous tears.

Warm wishes and a happy summer.

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